Dairy Foods + Dairy Substitutes List

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 Dairy Foods and Dairy Substitutes List. Swap harmful, unhealthy, animal-derived, unsustainable dairy ingredients and dairy products for healthier, animal-friendly, sustainable dairy-free foods and milk-free ingredients.

dairy substitutes list

Dairy Foods + Ingredients

Approximately 65% of the human population has a reduced ability to digest lactose after infancy.

Go dairy free for animals!

Now it’s easier than ever to go dairy free!

Go dairy free for your health!

Now it’s easier than ever to go dairy free!

Americans are drinking 40% less milk than in 1975.
– LA Times

Food + Ingredients That May Contain Dairy

Dairy-Free Foods + Ingredients

1 in 3 people regularly buy plant-based milk.

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Dairy Ingredient ➡ Vegan Dairy Substitutes

Now it’s easier than ever to go dairy free!

The global vegan cheese market is expected to skyrocket to almost $4 billion by 2024.
Ben & Jerry’s, Breyer’s and Haagen-Dazs all offer vegan ice cream.
– PETA, Vegan Ice Cream Brands


Please consider all mothers of this world…Especially those who are exploited, harmed and robbed of their motherhood. We often forget the sources of our food.

Dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt, cream, etc.) come from mothers who must continuously be impregnated (raped by a farmer’s arm via artificial insemination) only to have their young taken from them forever, within 24 hours of birth to begin the milking process. These mothers never see their babies again. The traumatic experience causes extreme distress and suffering for both mother cow and newborn calf, obvious in their frantic behavior of crying and searching for one another. 

Now it’s easier than ever to go dairy free!

The newborns do not get their mother’s milk. Instead they are fed by machine. If a calf is born male, he is deemed “useless” to the dairy industry and will soon be slaughtered for veal. The mother cow is attached to machines for milking which causes severe pain and often bring about utter infections, forming pus and bacteria that consequently become part of our “food”. The cycle of birthing will repeat again and again until she cannot produce milk any longer. She will be slaughtered for meat at 4 years old, still a baby herself considering a cow’s natural life span is 20 years. 

Think again before buying into and supporting the disgusting, inhumane dairy industry. There are so many healthier dairy alternatives nowadays that we need not continue the exploitation of such beautiful, compassionate, feeling animals who are also mothers. 

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