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By Adriane Marie •  Updated: 03/20/22 •  2 min read
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LOS ANGELES — HEALabel has launched an ethical shopping app to help shoppers avoid buying harmful products. Quickly look up foods and materials before buying items that may pose harm to health, the environment, animals and laborers.

You can download the HEALabel App free at The app is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices.

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The ethical shopping app displays snap-shots with green, yellow and red circles to indicate positive, moderate or negative impact. Tap the snap-shot of an ingredient and details appear. See if ingredients are common food allergens, gluten or gluten free, alkaline or acidic, water footprints and carbon footprints, sustainability, vegan and whether there are laborer concerns.

Food, clothing, cosmetics, personal care and household brands that are of particular interest to ethical consumers are also searchable within the app’s ever expanding glossary. See if brands are fully or partially vegan, cruelty free, their parent companies and if they use any problematic ingredients.

Take action at the press of a button to contact brands via email or phone. This way you can easily voice your concerns or ask additional questions to brands.

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“The idea began as a frustrated shopper. I wanted to make better choices for myself, animals and the planet but didn’t know the true implications of what I was buying. I’d be at the store and had questions about products but standing in an aisle googling answers was time consuming. It was disappointing to discover there actually wasn’t an app for that”, says HEALabel’s founder.

“Consumers are the ones that ultimately raise industry standards and this app gives you that power. You should never settle on buying anything that is misleading or compromises your ethics. Every time you spend money you vote on what you wish to see more of in the world. Now you can be absolutely sure it’s something you fully support.”

-Adriane Marie

The HEALabel App is available to download free at and is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices.

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