The Roots Of Our Food: A Plant Based Kids Book

By Adriane Marie •  Updated: 03/11/22 •  2 min read

The Roots Of Our Food: A Plant Based Kids Book

Where Do We Get Our Veggies And Fruits?

Written, Illustrated Narrated by HEALabel Creator Adriane Marie

A kids book that promotes plant based eating!
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As the title suggests, The Roots Of Our Food takes an inquisitive child on a journey to discover the origins of their meal. The kid encounters a farmer who explains how seeds grow into fruits, veggies, and more. Farmer Joe teaches young readers about green practices such as shopping at farmer’s markets, buying locally and families cooking whole foods together. Although The Roots Of Our Food does not mention the word vegan, it has deliberately excluded farm animals, meat, and animal derived foods, instead celebrating plant based eating. Mindfulness, gratitude and compassion are themes of this rhyming story.

Also known as “Aunt Dee Dee” to her nephew, Adriane Marie believes the future of our planet depends on the understanding and connection children have with the world around us. She is the creator and founder of HEALabel, an awareness initiative that aims to improve consumer transparency by shedding light on our purchases (especially food) and the impact they have on our health, environment, animals, and laborers. Adriane grew up in Kentucky and is a proud descendant of many hard working farmers. In her free-time, she enjoys plant based cooking, getting outdoors, teaching English and studying language. 

Let us restore our lost connection with wholesome, healthy foods and the origins from which they come! The Roots Of Our Food is in the Conscious Kids Collection of books that support early teachings of ethical consumerism. 

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