9 Vegan Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

By Adriane Marie •  Updated: 03/06/22 •  5 min read

Here are the best vegan Valentine’s Day gift ideas that are animal, people and planet friendly…


This V-Day forget fleeting presents like balloons, glitter and plush toys. They’re made from harmful materials and the delight they bring is so short-lived it’s hardly worth the unsustainable repercussions. Practical gifts that consider animals, people and the planet are much more personal and well-received. Here are some suggestions on how to show you care without compromising values.

1. Hu Dark Chocolate Valentine’s Day Collection Gift Set

Chocolate often involves child labor, worker exploitation and inhumane practices. Non vegan ingredients like milk and bone processed sugar are also commonly used in chocolate production. If you’re going to buy chocolate to satisfy your loved one’s sweet tooth, be sure it’s fair trade, vegan and organic.

2. Pink Panda Sour Gummies Candy

Not a chocolate lover? Candy hearts are an easy alternative but many are not vegan. Gummies and crunchy sweets often include coloring agents (typically red and orange) that are derived from insects. To create a chewy texture, beeswax or gelatin can also be used! Be sure the holiday candy you purchase is vegan.

3. NEYAH Non Alcoholic Champagne

January is notorious for fitness goals that include gym memberships and participating in challenges like Veganuary and Dry January. Why not extend the diet trend and continue to celebrate alcohol free? Unbeknownst to many, wine, beer, champagne and other alcoholic drinks may not be vegan due to added ingredients like honey or processing techniques. There are vegan beverages on the market that are full flavored, even with notes of honey that don’t actually add the bee byproduct.

*Note: The following product is vegan (verified by brand) and does not contain honey, despite “honey flavored” description.

4. Vegan Boards: 50 Gorgeous Plant-Based Snack, Meal, and Dessert Boards

Food preparation and presentation is a classic way to woo and impress guests and loved ones. The trendy charcuterie boards don’t always have to include cured meats and cheeses. Plant based boards are far more colorful, exciting and pack a flavorful punch. Show off your skills in the kitchen with a DIY plant based snack, meal or dessert board!

5. Monarch Butterfly Rescue Wildflower Seeds

While the beauty of cut flowers is intense and incensing, it only lasts a mere 24 hours until the dying, drying and wilting process begins. Cut flowers are a better representation of death more than life. Instead of a bouquet of roses, show your love by giving a lasting gift that’s not only sure to brighten up the garden but also attract butterflies! Your Valentine will cherish the special day for an entire season rather than just a week.

6. VAHDAM Assorted Tea Gift Set

Tea is a holistic and healthy way to help the one you love practice self-care and comfort. Unfortunately, tea has labor concerns as well so be sure to buy fair trade. It’s also much healthier to buy loose leaf tea instead of tea bags and individually packaged tea due to micro-plastic ingestion!

7. Sustainable Candles For Romance

Candles are classic for creating a romantic ambiance. But the concerns here involve toxins that are bad for the planet and human health! Additionally, many candles include beeswax and are therefore, not vegan. Look for soy candles which are a great and eco friendly alternative to most candles on the market. To light up the love and set the mood make sure your candles are eco friendly and non toxic.

8. Donate To A Local Animal Rescue



Giving money to charities is a compassionate way to show you care. Donating to large non-profits can mean questionable expenditures like unsustainable and annoying mail postage adverts. Don’t forget smaller charities in your area that are more likely to use funds productively to directly actually help those in need. Have you adopted a companion animal from your local shelter? Consider helping them out on holidays with a win-win donation as a present to your loved one and their furry friends!

9. DIY Valentine’s Card



A thoughtful, inexpensive and always appreciated gift is a handmade card with a heart-warming message. Just be sure not to glitter bomb -it’s more of a headache than it is humorous and is certainly unsustainable. Show how much you care by dedicating personal time and effort, regardless of creative talent. It truly is the thought that counts and the best things in life really can be free.

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